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Quality Commitment

B & L Mechanical’s COMMITMENT TO QUALITY is exceeded only by each employee’s personal commitment to see that the job is done in the very best and most cost effective way. We are committed to upholding the highest standards in our industry.


Project coordination for each B & L Mechanical job is the responsibility of one project manager. The project manager coordinates with our Marketing Department from the beginning of each project. The project manager also coordinates closely with the customer representative and all other trades involved on job. This COMPLETE coordination approach insures job completion on schedule and within budget, or it can provide our customers the lowest cost contract maintenance solutions.


At B & L Mechanical, safety is the number one priority and takes precedence with all employees. Safety is stressed at all times by every individual, every job foreman, every job superintendent and project manager. B & L Mechanical has a committee to oversee our SAFETY PROGRAM, to review all safety suggestions and trends for industry, and to follow up with appropriate action on any safety violations or accidents.

10-Hour OSHA Training

In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to workplace safety, B & L has completed a 2-day OSHA 10-Hour safety training course for Project Managers, Supervisors, and Foremen. OSHA 10-Hour training is designed to arm employees with the knowledge of the basics of workplace safety per OSHA’s standards.