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Equipment Installation

B & L Mechanical has capabilities and experienced work forces for quality installation of all types of process equipment, conveying systems and heavy machinery. We specialize in handling, installing, leveling, aligning and startup of machinery and all types of process systems. Our millwrights possess the expertise to properly install, start-up and put into operation both small (single unit) machines or compact multi-unit in-line ranges with multiple components. We also include support utilities, pneumatic controls, and process piping.

We have the equipment and tools to move your machinery in the most efficient manner; either fork trucks, dollies, pneumatic “hover-pads”, or boom truck.

We also have excellent working relationships with “heavy equipment riggers such as helicopter lifting services, cable cranes, and hydraulic cranes. Each B & L subcontractor is well aware that Quality, Expediency, and Safety are imperative on our projects.


  • Dyeing and finishing machinery
  • Chemical tanks and reactors
  • Mixing and blending systems
  • Heat treating equipment
  • Water filtration equipment
  • Boilers, compressors and auxiliaries
  • Heat recovery equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Storage racks, bins, etc.
  • Textile equipment
  • Metal working equipment
  • Moulding and extruding equipment
  • Conveyors and bucket elevators
  • Streamers and heat set equipment
  • Binder and adhesive systems
  • Dust and fume control systems
  • Pollution abatement equipment
  • Plating and metal treating lines
  • Hydraulic and steam operated presses