Contract Maintenance

B & L Mechanical’s commitment to quality is exceeded only by each employee’s personal commitment to see that the job is done in the very best and most cost effective way.
Contract Maintenance
B & L Mechanical provides for all of our customer’s process, piping, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sheet metal and general maintenance needs. In addition, we offer application of years of experience and technical training to resolve any mechanical systems problems.

Ongoing preventive maintenance programs, tailored to each individual customer’s needs, are available. B & L Mechanical personnel EXCEL AT ANALYZING mechanical failures and recommending efficient solutions.

Surveys and recommendations for B & L Maintenance programs are available. Our mechanics also work as “supplemental labor,” when requested. This allows our customers to have an extra man (or crew) for a day, a week, etc. with no obligation and only as actually needed.
Maintenance Capabilities

Dyeing and Finishing Machinery Maintenance
Bulk Chemical Systems Maintenance and Repair
Mixing and Blending Systems Maintenance
Water Filtration and Treatment Maintenance
Dust and Fume Control Systems Maintenance
Paint and Adhesives Systems Maintenance
H.V.A.C. and Sheet Metal Maintenance
Exhaust Systems and Filter Replacements
Seasonal Start Up and Shut Down Schedules
Stream Trap Surveys and Replacements
Pumps, Piping and Heat Exchanger Repairs

B & L Mechanical

B & L Mechanical, Inc. is a solution provider for the industrial market. We specialize in maintenance (full-service solutions), process piping, HVAC, National Board code services (both at plant and shop fabrication), specialty shop fabrication, safety training, etc.
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