Project Management

B & L Mechanical’s commitment to quality is exceeded only by each employee’s personal commitment to see that the job is done in the very best and most cost effective way.
Project Management
B & L Mechanical management system produces an uncommon degree of RESPONSIVENESS. We take project management seriously. We believe that project management is the prime factor in successfully executing our contracts — from the perspectives of both the owner and our company. A properly managed project results in EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY, and ON-TIME completion. Our entire marketing program consists of providing completed projects within budget, on time, and of superior quality. We have designed our management system to accomplish these objectives, thereby producing excellent references for future projects. The B & L Mechanical management system — designed to leave nothing to chance — consists of three functions as described in the following three paragraphs:

Contract Administration

After receiving a contract for mechanical work, we use specific administrative systems to initiate contract compliance procedures. Insurance certificates, billing breakdowns, bond certification and cash-flow projections are furnished to the owner or contract manager. Labor and material estimates are broken into manageable categories for cost control purposes. To provide accurate and up-to-date-information about labor and material costs involved with each project, we have designed a computerized cost control system.

Our project managers use this information to maintain efficient use of manpower and materials. The system also provides owners with weekly cost information. As costs accumulate, detailed progress billings are provided to the owner. Additions or deletions from the contract are accounted for on A TIMELY BASIS. Billings are monitored for compliance with purchase order amounts. Correspondence is maintained, shop drawings processed, and operation and maintenance manuals are assembled prior to project closeout. Records are preserved for future reference on each completed project. In short, we anticipate the needs or owners and construction managers by administering our contracts systematically.

Material Procurement

The successful procurement of material is a key factor in maintaining schedules and in controlling project costs. Our Procurement Manager has the responsibility to provide continuity throughout the material procurement and installation phases of each project, to include obtaining quotations, purchasing, negotiating payment terms, expediting delivery, and approval for payment.

Our Procurement procedures are designed to anticipate the need for materials on the job site, and to assure availability and on-time delivery. Our purchase order standards are designed to incorporate the proper quality standards for all job specifications, even the most precise requirements for code repairs.

Installation and Construction Coordination

The project manager oversees the installation of the equipment and materials that comprise the building’s mechanical system. He attends all job meetings, handles all correspondence, and makes sure our performance is timed and executed in a manner consistent with the overall job schedule. He schedules such special equipment as cranes, helicopters, and excavating machinery. He also COORDINATES OUR WORK with the work of other trades, schedules our subcontractors and establishes completion goals for work categories. The unique feature of our management system is that all functions related to the production of each mechanical system are the responsibility of one project manager. The benefit to owners and construction managers is the CONTINUITY PROVIDED by the project manager’s involvement throughout the project. He is involved in every phase of the project.

B & L Mechanical

B & L Mechanical, Inc. is a solution provider for the industrial market. We specialize in maintenance (full-service solutions), process piping, HVAC, National Board code services (both at plant and shop fabrication), specialty shop fabrication, safety training, etc.
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