Waterjet Services

B & L Mechanical’s commitment to quality is exceeded only by each employee’s personal commitment to see that the job is done in the very best and most cost effective way.
Waterjet Services
B&L Mechanical has the capability to handle many of your waterjet service needs. Our Maxiem waterjet has the ability to cut from a multitude of media in any specified 2D design.

Waterjet Cutting is cost effective and a precise method of cutting almost any type of material. We have the ability to cut materials including (but not limited to):
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
and Wood
No thickness limitations up to 4 inches and tolerance holding within +/-. 010” to +/-. 015”. Minimum hole size is 0.030” diameter. Our table can easily handle sheet sizes up to 5’x10’

Advantages are gained using a waterjet as opposed to other (heat) cutting methods because there is never a heat affected zone, metal distortion, thermal damage, or discoloration of raw materials. Cost control is another gain as Waterjet cutting can save time and cost by stacking material and cutting multiple quantities.

We can either receive your pre-purchased material or we can supply material per the need for your project.

Custom work is available through our CAD design services.

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